How Wood Designs by Barbara Got Started

Working with wood has always been an interest of Barbara’s. It’s something that goes back to when she was a young child. Her uncle, who was an electrician, would gather scrap wood found on his jobs. He would then give them to Barbara when he’d come for a visit. From there her uncle would teach Barbara how to use hand tools to create little projects. Her woodworking interest continued into Junior High and High School.  There she had the opportunity to hone her woodworking skills while taking several shop classes. Barbara’s interest in wood working was rekindled after visiting a North Florida cypress lumber yard in March of 2014. She purchased some wood with the idea of making something. Her friends liked what they saw. They then asked Barbara to create gifts that they could then give to their family and friends. From that, Wood Designs by Barbara was born.

Wood Designs by Barbara was founded by Barbara Goldberg in July 2014. We are located in America’s oldest city, St Augustine, Fl.

Creating a cypress knob rack        Completing a pecky cypress rack